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Hello, I’m Rhesa


Nice to meet you! I’m a photographer who loves working with creative entrepreneurs, couples and families. I’m incredibly inspired by those who follow their passions.

My work reflects themes that stand out to me like entrepreneurial spirit, family life, family memorabilia, parenthood, motherhood, relationships, locations, culture, curiosity, work and play, love, honest moments, human connection, expression, playfulness and contemplativeness.

I’m honored to collaborate and create photos that communicate your original, unique story.


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My Clients Are

  • artists

  • entrepreneurs & creatives

  • small business owners

  • couples of any age

  • families

Photo Bucket List

  • photograph a couple by a pond full of lily pads

  • travel, hike and explore with my clients

  • photograph an elopement

Facts About Me  

  • I love road-trips

  • I come from a large family

  • Coffee is my fuel of choice

  • I’m always down for a hike, especially if it leads to a waterfall

  • Historical locations, objects, stories are my favorite

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