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On this page, you’ll find details about what a brand photoshoot provides for you in your business.

consistent and creative photography that tells your story

You pursued your passion and started your business because you offer something you truly believe in, now what?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. You want your social media to match how you see yourself/your brand and connect you to your ideal client community!

  2. You’re stressed. What do I photograph? Do I even have a style?

  3. You’ve got a website but not any great photos of you, your team, your creative space, your product/service or experience you offer?

  4. Your website photography isn’t professional or it’s outdated?

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What I told you that I can provide you with a library of photography for your website and social media and your brand can have a visual representation that you not only love but also makes reaching your ideal client community stress free! No more thinking, “What do I post today? How can I keep my Instagram stories interesting?” You will literally just drop an image from your photoshoot onto your social media and it saves so much time!

Before our photoshoot, we will plan through my branding worksheet that covers clothing, brand style, consistent visuals and the feeling of your brand. Then it’s photo time! In our time together, we will shoot at the location(s) of your choice! You will definitely get outfit changes in this photo package and we will do any product + content photography you need for your upcoming posts on social media!

We will end this session with photography that reflects your brand and makes posting on social media soooo easy!


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